About Me

My career as a photographer started in 1980 when I was employed as a technical photographer in a university geology department. I was lucky enough to work with 5x4 cameras and enlargers on a daily basis - fantastic. Since then 35mm enlargers have seemed a bit like scale models!

I had been taking and processing photographs for 2 years then, as a hobby. Starting out with a 35mm compact rangefinder, I soon moved up to a 35mm SLR. A friend taught me to process my own films and from that time on I have never been without a camera. Later I acquired a 6x6 medium format camera, but the square format never really suited me. I tried 6x4.5 but it was such a heavy beast to lug around, then along came the Hassleblad Xpan. The panaromic format suited the way I viewed the world - no more coming home and cropping the top and bottom off, I could do it all in camera. After 5 years of use I still love that camera, but it comes out less often these days. Over the last few years I started using Canon digital SLRs and these have become my everyday cameras. Last winter I acquired the full-frame 5d and loved rediscovering true wide angles again! The Xpan lives on though - it was the inspiration for the name of my business: Xpanding Horizons.

Most of the time I take landscape photographs; everything from the distant vista to the macro details. I particulary enjoy chasing the light, love being outdoors, enjoy ‘bad’ weather and will happily wait for that moment when the sun breaks through. In recent years I have begun to take more wildlife photographs,a new skill that I am thoroughly enjoying learning. I have always enjoyed watching birds and animals but never had the time to pursue this branch of photography until the family had grown up! I enjoy travelling - in all its guises, be it walking or cycling to motoring - 2 or 4 wheels. I often travel in Britain, but go further afield whenever the opportunity arises. After many months of planning I spent January 2006 in Antarctica - a real dream came true trip. It was fantastic and I hope to return one day. Dont miss the photographs, a small selection of which are on this site!